ResQMe Car Escape Tool, Made in USA (Black)

Protect yourself and your family with resqme™! No one can never be too prepared for a accident or the risk of being trapped in a vehicle.The worldwide acclaimed safety solution, resqme™ is a keychain rescue tool that has already helped to save many lives.

Ambient Weather WR-111A

The Ambient Weather WR-111A is at the time of writing the top rated emergency radios at Packed with features, it is perfect for everyday use as well as for camping and emergency situations.


Ambient Weather WR-333

The Ambient Weather WR-333 emergency radio is one of the best quality radios on the market today. This model is mid range between the Ambient Weather-111 A and the higher specification Ambient Weather WR-334

Twine Portable Wi-Fi Sensor

Twine lets you easily monitor temperature, movement and orientation without needing an MIT degree – definitely no programming required.. The device will alert you by txt, email, tweet or flashing light when a predetermined trigger has been met.

You can monitor when your laundry is done, a door is opened, your home brew is over or under temperature, or anything your imagination can dream up.

Ambient Weather WR-334-U

Ambient Weather WR-334-U

If its just for spending time at the beach, buggin out or part of an emergency tool kit, the Ambient Weather WR-334 U packs a range of essential emergency features into one compact package.

As well as being a portable radio you can depend on in any weather, any time and anywhere with a powerful 3 LED flashlight, the package will charge an Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Kindle, MP4s, Mp3s and cellphones

The device sports a high quality digital tuner providing  access to weather and news no mater where or when you need it. The radio has an alert mode, which activates the weather band while in standby mode whenever an alert is active in your vicinity.